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H2 Water Good 4 You

Hydrogen Water has a strong antioxidant effect

H2 + Oxygen Free Radical (2. OH) ----->Water (2 H2O)

Hydrogen is registered at FDA as food additives and safe.

What is Hydrogen Water?

In Japan: 水素水

In China:  富氢水

Molecular Hydrogen is dissolved in water (1.6mg per 1000cc of water)

 We Need a Hydrogen Water Generator:

  • Able to supply Hydrogen Water (水素水) instantly

  • Able to generate high concentrated Hydrogen Water over 1,200ppb

  • Price Competitive
  • User Friendly

  • Long Life Time
  • High Quality

H-Cure, made in Korea, is a brand new product with Patent (No. 10-1562802). It is able to fulfill your needs.  

Have you heard of 水素水? It is the famous name of Hydrogen Water in Japan.

Have you heard of Miracle Water? Scientist found in Tlacote (Mexico), Nadone (India), Nordenau (Germany) and Hita Tenryosui (Japan) with healing effect is water with high concentration of Hydrogen.


Interview with Mr. Zhong Nanshan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, about the benefits of hydrogen water October 2017:
Development Prospect of Hydrogen-rich Water Industry
"Water quality determines the Body condition", but in reality, people who understand the importance of water to life and health is not much. Therefore, some comment describe water is "forgotten nutrients."

According to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, in developing countries:  80% of disease and 1/3 of death is related to water. China Health Drinking Water Professional Committee Professor Li Fuxing mentioned that our daily drinking water , is not good enough for our lives. Good water determines life quality. Hydrogen-rich water has dissolved H2, with energy, with small molecular negative ions which could be absorbed by 80% . Hydrogen-rich water could purify the blood, so that blood flow, metabolism, prevention of various diseases, improve human health.

Hydrogen-rich hydrogen ions can neutralize the body of excess reactive oxygen species (H2 + O = H2O) combined into water, with the urine excreted, to help cells metabolism, safety, environmental protection on the human body without any side effects, no clear contraindications With taboo crowd. The industrialization of hydrogen-rich water in line with China's food industry, "nutrition, health, convenience," the development trend.
Hydrogen-rich water in the future will have a certain status in the field of beverages and health food, not only as people's daily drinking water, but also as a nutritional supplements or functional food raw materials and ingredients used. Such as added to the baby food, beauty mask, can enhance the child immunity, to help women skin whitening moisturizing, eliminate old age spots and so on.

The effect of hydrogen-rich water
1, activation of human cells, anti-aging, remove the cell membrane or intravascular harmful substances, inhibition of oxygen free radicals.
2, enhance the human immune system, improve cell activity, prevent getting cold.
3, to promote digestion and excretion function, soften the blood vessels, activation of mucosal cells, promote peristalsis, conducive to excretion, prevention and improvement of constipation.
4, strong penetration, can penetrate the vascular endothelium and other tissues, remove the sediment, activate the cell tissue, get through the blood, improve blood circulation.
5, to improve gastrointestinal function, promote blood circulation and metabolism, to maintain the balance of endocrine, promote lipolysis.
In addition, hydrogen-rich water has  preventive and therapeutic effects on diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, lung cancer metastasis, rheumatism, brain tumors, skin diseases, headache, dizziness, blood circulation disorders, kidney disease, women menopausal syndrome, eczema, bronchial, thyroid, insomnia and allergy. It also has a beauty, weight loss and anti-aging effect.



Hong Kong Marathon Runner <Super-Fook> likes H2 Water

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