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H2 Water Good 4 You


電子鈦鉑金富氫水噴霧器 M-1

Platinum-Titanium Hydrogen Water Facial Mist Spray

Specifications 產品規格

Power consumption: 7.4W

Rated Voltage: AC 100V-240V, DC 5V/1.2A

Capacity: 35ml

Weight: 84g

Dimension: 150mm x 33mm



鈦鉑金富氫水機  P-1

Platinum-Titanium Hydrogen water maker

 Specifications 產品規格

1. Dimensions 尺寸: 267mm (H) x 75mm

2. Weight  量: 380g

3. Power :  AC 100V-220V-240V, 50-60Hz

4. 30-50 times usage with one time full charge

5. Simple battery charge with USB cable  (USB充電器)

6. One sophisticated Filter with 4 layers of filtering balls


7. Detachable Base containing PEM Electrolysis Module. Just connect it with a bottle of water and you can enjoy H2 water anywhere 

   可拆式手提鈦鉑金電解器 (即水機底座)

8: Cleaning: include 30g Citric Acid 


Manual 使用提示 P-1

Manual 使用提示 M-1



H_Cure Specifications:

Dimension    : 148 x 360 x 360 mm                   

Weight          : 4.5kg

Water reservoir capacity: about 1 Liter            

Operating Pressure:  1-5 kgf/cm2

Dissolved Hydrogen Concentration: 1.2-1.6ppm (Max 2.0ppm)


Refill the 2L container with distilled water to have best performance. Do not fill with coffee, tea, hot water or other liquid.

Each day maximum 10L of distilled water usage is recommended. Switch on it for Hydrogen Water. Switch off it afterward to save energy and enhance the life time.

Warranty: 12 months warranty for normal usage. Please send back the warranty card within 2 weeks of purchase.

尺寸:148 x 360 x 360 mm                                  


壓力:1-5kgf / cm2

建議每天最多使用10升蒸餾水。使用後 , 關閉它,節約能源。

保修:12個月保修 (正常使用)。請在購買後2週內寄回保修卡。

                           Download Warranty Card


H-Cure installation

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