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H2 Water Good 4 You

Free Radical is unstable Oxygen.

Over production of Free Radical is caused by environmental pollutions, chemical substances, ultraviolet ray and radiation. Consequently, it induce Oxidation reaction in human body. As a result of Oxidation, cell membrame, DNA, and other organs are damaged and cell is losing its functions.



 Oxidative Stress

Free Radical is able to remove bacteria and virus if keeping at normal level. However, if Free Radical is overproduced, it causes Oxidative Stress, which is related  to cancer, aging and various diseases.


Health Benefit of Hydrogen Water

Remove active oxygen (hydroxyl radical)

Powerful Anti-Oxidation Effect
431 times as much as Vitamin E       抗氧化效能比維他命E高431倍
176 tines as much as Vitamin C        抗氧化效能比維他命C高176倍
863 times as much as coenzyme Q10   抗氧化效能比Q10高863倍
Energy supply into the cell
Quick absorption into the body with smaller water cluster size (52Hz) 身體能快速吸收富氫水
Strengthening immunity system    增強免疫力


Free Radical and related Diseases

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